Get our real Spray Caps & Marker brushes in one pack!

Spray Caps, Marker, Liner, Speckles, Drips, Spraydust and one spezial NEON flare brush.


This set includes 55 brushes:

• 16 pressure sensitive real graffiti brushes

• 7 digital fatcap brushes

• 8 speckles & 1 spraydust brushes 

• 4 liner brushes 

• 6 pressure sensitive marker brushes

  (each in two different directions)

• 2 round marker brushes

• 4 drip brushes

• 1 neon flare brush


Created by DESUR


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19,95 €Sonderpreis
inkl. MwSt.
  • SPRAY CAP SET and MARKER SET included!

    Real graffiti feeling for the iPad ProCreate App.

    Let your creativity flow even on rainy and icy days or simply for the passion of digital art.

    No matter if graffiti artwork, graphic design or lettering, there is the right set for everyone.